Solar Energy (PV)

Own the power…

with a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Energy System from Excel Solar.

Reduce or eliminate your electric bill with a PV solar energy system from Excel Solar. You’ve probably noticed more and more rooftop solar systems in the past couple of years. You may have even noticed some of those giant solar farms along our nation’s highways. The reason for the surge in solar is simple; it’s finally affordable for everyone. You can now reduce or eliminate your electric bill for little or no money out of pocket. With the right financing, you could be at a net positive cash flow on day one of your installation. 

PV technology to power your home.

Our photovoltaic systems (also PV system or solar energy system) are power systems designed to supply usable solar energy by means of photovoltaics. Excel Solar energy systems consists of an arrangement of several components, including solar panels to absorb and convert sunlight into electricity, a solar inverter to convert the output from direct to alternating current, as well as mounting, cabling, and other electrical accessories to set up a working system.

How is such affordability possible?

The price of photovoltaics has dropped significantly in the past few years. The technology has advanced, so the panels are much more powerful than just a few short years ago. With microinverters, the installation process has been simplified. On top of all that, a federal tax credit will pay 30% of the purchase price. All the stars have aligned, so maybe it’s time you call us for a free, no-obligation energy audit from one of our trained and certified “energy educators.”

It is so important to hire the right company!

Excel Solar has been serving Brevard and surrounding counties for decades. We have grown through exceptional systems and services while 2020 saw three of our local competitors go out of business, but not before they took huge deposits and never did the work. Excel Solar has an impeccable reputation. We will never overcharge, never take more than a 10% deposit, and will be here to stand behind our products and workmanship. Do your homework.

How our solar PV system works

  1. Solar panels contain solar cells, which have semiconductors that convert light into electrical energy. Direct current (DC) electricity is produced and routed to an inverter. 
  2. An inverter converts the electricity into alternating current (AC), which is used in consumer appliances, lighting, and heating and cooling systems.
  3. Meters measure the amount of electrical energy produced by the panel and monitor performance of the system.
  4. The electricity produced goes through the utility grid.  Then, the power company pays the homeowner for the excess power sent to the power grid.