Solar Water Heating

How Many Miles Per Gallon Does Your Water Heater Get?

Did you know that your electric water heater can use as much energy as an automobile? A car that gets 22 miles per gallon and travels 12,000 miles in a year consumes approximately 11.4 barrels of oil. A family of four would use the same amount of energy every year, by heating their water with an electric water heater. In other words, installing a solar water heating system for your home provides the same environmental and energy savings benefits as taking an average car off the road.

Excel Solar’s President, C. Russell (Russ), began installing solar water heating systems in both Brevard and Indian River County back in the 1970’s. The one thing Russ learned about solar in all those years is that solar water heating is the biggest bang for your buck and, best of all, it is affordable for everyone. In his opinion, we could solve much of the energy crisis and pollution problems by simply mandating solar water heating. 

Exclusive solar water heating systems – only from Excel Solar.

Think about solar water heating this way… more hot water than you have ever had, 30% lower electric bills, environmentally friendly and a nice annual return on your investment. Why wouldn’t you want one?

Excel Solar offers the highest quality solar water heating systems available… because we design them ourselves. No “packages” from our wholesalers with inferior products. We choose only the best, longest lasting components to create the ultimate water heating system. Cut 30% off your power bill with solar water from Excel Solar.

solar water heating system from Excel Solar

Cut your power bill and your tax bill.

These systems will reduce your power consumption by about 30% and pay for themselves within just a few years. And all of those thousands of solar water heating systems I have installed over the past 35 years…over 93% are still in operation. These systems have paid for themselves 10 times over and prevented hundreds of millions of pounds of pollution from entering our atmosphere.

The news gets better. The federal government is now offering a 30% tax credit based on the complete purchase price of a solar water heating system. This program is available for a limited time only. There has never been a better time to go solar!

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Our solar panels and water heaters are made in the USA. After all, we have systems over 30 years old that are still working properly and still saving their owners money…and that’s what it’s all about. All of our systems qualify for the tax credits and rebates…and our prices won’t be beat! Calculate your personalized savings estimate here: Project Sunroof