Solar and Your Roof

We are trusted with rooftops across Brevard and beyond.

The time has come for you to purchase a new roof for your home.  You’ll spend quite a bit of time interviewing roofers and doing research, because this is a big investment.  If you have solar panels on your roof, they will have to be removed and remounted for the roof work.  That’s where we come in.  We have over 30 years experience working with roofing contractors and making your solar installation the best it can be.

A properly installed solar panel system should never cause roof leaks.

A solar contractor is legally allowed to penetrate and seal your roof (when the work is associated with a solar panel installation). It should never cause wear to your roof. Unfortunately, many systems are installed by contractors that don’t take the proper care to protect your roof. 

At Excel Solar, we take this job very seriously! We are a member of the Space Coast Licensed Roofers Association and work with roofing contractors every day. Our goal is to make your solar installation better than it was when originally installed and exceed the latest building codes. No other company comes close to having the experience we have. 

Here is what we will do for you:

  • Inspect your existing system and give you a full report

  • Give you a FREE written estimate

  • Safely remove your solar panels for roof work

  • After roof work is complete, install your system into the roof trusses

  • Elevate the panel headers and pipe to eliminate damming and roof wear

  • Use stainless steel hardware and hurricane straps to exceed safety codes

  • Use compatible sealants and insulators for roof material

  • Give you a “lifetime leak free guarantee” for all penetrations made for the solar panel installation

  • Work with your roofing contractor to coordinate schedule

Different roofs require different installations:

Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular.  These roofs are not cheap!  Many customers are hesitant to have penetrations made in their brand new, expensive roof.  Some metal roofs don’t have to be penetrated for a professional installation.  The S-5 clamp allows us to mount to the roof seams without penetrating the roof and still exceed the building codes.

Tile roofs are beautiful and expensive.  Tiles are usually fastened to the roof decking with just two screws.  They are basically cosmetic.  They do keep the harmful UV from the sun from deteriorating the under lament, but they generally don’t keep the water out.  If a solar heating system is fastened to the tiles with no other anchoring, they will blow away in a storm and take the tiles with them.  Our domestic solar panel systems are anchored into the truss system of your roof.

“Loose tube” design.  In our 35 years experience in the industry, we have found that this type of panel can trap pine needles and other debris as this photo shows.  The efficiency difference is obvious and can be compared at the Florida Solar Energy Center website. We encourage you to do so.