Excel Solar Customer Testimonials:

Below are comments from some of our thousands of satisfied customers. We hope you become one soon.

"We are very impressed by the quality repairs recently completed on our pool solar heating system. Your technician Alisha and trainee Logan were on time, courteous and thorough. Our solar system is now working most effectively. Alisha also told us about possibly changing the clamps and anchors over to stainless steel. We will keep this in mind. If we do decide to do this work, Excel Solar will be the company to do it. Keep up the good work."

"We needed to have our roof replaced and we had solar panels that needed to be taken off and then replaced. Excel Solar did an excellent job. They kept in touch with us through every step. Job was completed in a timely matter. We have recommended them and will keep recommending them. Awesome company."

"Excel Solar is our go-to company for sales and service for at least 20 years. We really would not trust anyone else with our solar installations and equipment. The scheduling is friendly and easy. We were able to replace our aging water heater within a couple days of my call. David worked efficiently and conscientiously to explain everything he was doing and gave us a refresher course on how things worked. His experience and knowledge can’t be beat."

"We are very satisfied with Excel Solar who was referred to us by a friend. They worked closely with us to schedule the installation after the replacement of our roof. The installers were very on time, efficient and courteous. After the installation they explained what they did and how to operate the new solar panels. All was Installed just in time for our “Snow Birds” to enjoy a pool in March."

"We have been satisfied customers of Excel Solar since August, 2011 when David performed his first service call on our swimming pool solar heating system. We used Excel Solar to maintain this system until 2018 when our roof required replacement, at which time we had David remove the entire solar system. After considering both propane gas and electric heating systems, we decided to return to a solar system. We contracted Excel Solar to install a new 6-panel system, and once again, customer service was outstanding. The Excel Solar team (Alisha, Kelly, Nick, and David) installed our new system and had it up and running in a minimal amount of time. I highly recommend Excel Solar if you’re considering a pool solar heating system in the Brevard County area."

"The system is doing exactly what I hoped it would do. I went with Excel Solar because of Russ and how he presented everything. He explained everything, the whole process. His thoroughness and how much time he spent to explain everything was my deciding factor."

"Working with Excel Solar was a totally positive experience. I will definitely recommend your company...in a heartbeat. Thanks for a great job."

"Our new system has been great! Russ gave us a thorough explanation of what to expect from the pool heating system and the entire process. He gave us options, then he did exactly what he promised he would do, on the date he was going to get it done. It was also so nice not to worry about the permit process...they handled everything! The crew was very nice, pleasant and informative. I originally heard about Excel Solar from another agent in my office. I told her my grandkids were cold swimming during Easter, she recommended I call Excel. Now, I always research before making a big purchase, however, Excel Solar was so highly recommended to us, so I didn't question choosing them. I am so glad we did. We are very pleased and highly recommend Excel Solar."

"We have had a lot of companies do work for us over the years and the results aren't always as promised. I can honestly say that Excel Solar did everything as promised and we couldn't be happier. We will be recommending Excel!!!"

"The key is that from start to finish, everything was done as promised, including the price and terms. This is rarely done in the world today. It was great working with Russ and Excel Solar."

"From the beginning to the very end, everything went as smooth as glass. Russ and Kelly helped us throughout the entire process, including the FPL rebate. They installation crew was awesome! They took the time to do the job right and explained all details. They really did an outstanding job. Everything looks so professional. I am very, very satisfied."

"I can describe my overall experience with Excel Solar as "super". Everyone was courteous, knowledgeable and hard working. I use Angie's List and I'm happy to be able to pitch Excel there."

"Our solar water heating system is great! Very happy with the entire process. In fact, when the building inspector came out from the city, he was quite impressed with the system."

"We originally searched and found Excel Solar because we had an awful time with #&$#@*# Solar from Rockledge. This other solar company from Rockledge would not honor their own warranties. We even found out that they lied to us and had told us they pulled a permit for the job. They did not. We needed roof work, so Excel Solar came out and removed the system and reinstalled it after the roof was repaired. Our overall experience with Excel has been great. They came in and did everything in a timely manner...including a permit! I have worked for Brevard County for many years and I currently hold a position that was voted on by the people of this county. After this experience, I will do everything in my power to warn consumers and the state of Florida about that horrible solar company from Rockledge. I will also sing the praises of Excel Solar. "

"Everything is wonderful. We can actually swim in our pool now whenever we want. No more waiting for the pool to get warm in the summer months only. We are very happy."

"The building inspector came out and said Excel Solar completed one of the cleanest jobs he has ever seen. That's when I was positive I made the right choice going with Excel Solar. We have so much free hot water now!"

"Our new system is great! The solar pool heater has been a true asset to our family time. Thanks!"

"We got our pool up to 91 degrees after just a couple of days. Definitely, working with Excel Solar has been a great experience. In fact, I am having them come back out to install a solar water heating system for the house next week. "

"We are very happy with our new solar pool heater. The Excel crew did a really good job, even the building inspector who came out said Excel did a really nice job. It's so refreshing dealing with a company like Excel Solar. "

"Your installers were very professional and full of information. This has been such a positive experience. Thank goodness I went with Excel."

"Before Excel Solar put in my system, my pool was 62 degrees. Three days later my pool is 89 degrees. I have recommended Excel already to one of my coworkers. I think Excel Solar is terrific! We already had one of their solar water heaters installed a couple of years ago and love it, it only made sense to call them back to heat our pool...and I'm glad I did."

"The crew did a great job being thorough and even cleaning up afterwards. I am very happy with the entire process. Please use me as a reference any time. I was completely satisfied. Excel Solar is the real deal."

"The new system is working great! It is fantastic! Our pool is 90 degrees, just where we like it. Working with Excel has been a very good experience. The installation crew were very pleasant to work with and they did a fine job. I can't see how these guys could improve. All this at a really fair price. "

"I am extremely pleased with the work Excel Solar did. They did an excellent job installing my new solar pool heater. Real experts. Thanks again for everything."

"We hired Excel Solar to remove and remount our existing solar water heating system and pool heating system. We found Excel to be professional from the word go! The installers were extremely knowledgeable and explained everything in terms we could both understand. The system was sold to us by a "high pressure" company in Rockledge. We had nothing but problems with them. Excel Solar fixed the systems and installed them back on our new roof with the proper hardware. The difference between our former solar company and Excel Solar is like night and day...even the building inspector said that. We have been and will continue to spread the word about the great work provided by Excel Solar! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"What a fantastic experience working with Excel Solar. I will recommend them to all my family, friends and neighbors. It was refreshing that whenever I called the office, Kelly answered the phone. Russ was so honest and he and his crew did everything they promised. I am using my pool every day now thanks to Excel."

"I just can't tell you enough how much of a pleasure it was to work with Russ. He is full of knowledge. He got my existing solar water heating system up and running after trying countless other companies. My system had a problem that nobody else could figure out. He came and quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed the system. Now I have tons of hot water. I live in a 1600 sq ft house and now have a $45 electric bill. I am very happy with Excel Solar."

"Russ and his team are friendly and do their job well. They did a superb job with my solar pool heater. From start to finish I am so happy. You are welcome to use me as a testimonial and a reference anytime. I am happy as a lark."

"I purchased a solar pool heater from another company located in Palm Bay in November 2011. My pool never got warmer and they would not return my phone calls. I finally contacted Russ at Excel Solar. He came out and checked out the existing system. We were surprised to find out that what we had contracted for and paid for was never installed. Instead, smaller panels, and fewer of them and no automatic controls as paid for. I got ripped off. It turns out that this other company was currently being sued by others (including a bank). We also found out that the system was never permitted. Russ made some recommendations, so we considered them. This time we checked out all references, licensing, etc. After the research this time, we hired Excel Solar and the pool is now over 85 degrees and working perfect. They did a fantastic job and I am ecstatic! I will recommend Excel Solar to everyone who will listen. I will also remind people not to fall for a "sales pitch" by some smooth talker. Please do your homework. Thanks for a job well done."

"Our pool is 88 degrees and we are thrilled. I love my solar pool heater. The installation crew was impressive. Dealing with Excel has been a great experience. The inspector had some nice things to say about the installation quality. I'm so glad we didn't cave in to the high pressure tactics of that solar company located here in Rockledge. Thank you Excel Solar for a quality job all the way through. We will highly recommend you."

"Our system is working great! So much free hot water and a real quality installation. We are spreading the word about Excel Solar to all of our friends, family and co-workers. "

"We were both very impressed with Russ. He was very organized and professional when he came out to explain a new solar pool heating system to us. Then, when the crew showed up to do the work, they were also professional and did such a nice job. They took the time to explain the system and did a thorough job of cleaning up after themselves. Working with Excel Solar has been a great experience. We have already recommended Excel to several friends."

"In the past, I have not had good experiences working with solar companies. Because of that, I would recommend most of my customers to just remove the solar and don't reinstall it after the new roof. Now that I know there is a reputable solar company in our area, I will be recommending all of my solar owning customers to hire Excel Solar. I had the greatest experience working with Excel. Our two companies worked together seamlessly and the homeowner was thrilled. It was a win, win for both of us. These guys are professionals! "

"That solar company from Rockledge wanted $120 just to show up at my home...coming from the company that originally installed my system, I felt very "put off". I am 72 years old and I really do count on people and companies like Excel Solar because older people do get taken advantage of. Excel was very, very good to work with. They were on time, polite and advised me of the status of my system without being pressured into anything. After my bad experience with that other solar company, I am glad I found Excel Solar. Thank you so much!"

"Excel Solar did a fantastic job installing our new solar water heating system and we are very pleased. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the crew made sure to clean up after themselves! In fact, I have already recommended Excel to a friend who works for the county. We have nothing but good things to say about Excel Solar."

"My new solar pool heater is working fine. It's almost Christmas and the pool is above 80 degrees today. The crewmen were wonderful! Excel Solar is very conscientious about their work and their customers. They are very helpful and even cleaned out my gutters."

"Excel Solar remained in constant and excellent communication with me throughout the entire construction/installation process. They are completely thorough in all aspects of their business. They helped out with the rebate process and made it simple. The final installation of both systems looks great! I highly recommend Excel Solar to all my friends and colleagues."

"I would absolutely recommend Excel Solar. They have been a great company to work with. Our new solar water heater is working perfect and looks so neat. A real professional installation. We had one little snag after the installation. I made one call to the office and a technician was immediately dispatched to correct the issue the same day! Impressive!!"

"Everything is as good as it possibly could be. Our pool is 88 degrees in November! Excel delivered on every single promise. We will happily recommend Excel Solar to others and you are more than welcome to use our name for references."

"I wasn't home at the time of the service call, however, my wife said that David was very thorough and professional. He did a good job inspecting and explaining the system to her (we recently bought the house with the solar water heating system already installed), he ended up replacing a valve. We called on a Monday and were visited for service on Tuesday. We are glad we found Excel Solar."

"I am so glad I went with Excel Solar. They are such a professional company and made this experience a positive one. Our solar pool heater works really well and we are enjoying our pool all the time. I will definitely recommend them!"

"I love, love, love my new solar water heating system. I have hot water whenever I want it...I can do laundry, dishes, showers without worrying about running out of hot water and it's heated for FREE. FPL has already inspected the system and I have already received my $1000 rebate check from them. I love getting free money from the utility company and I love all the free hot water from Excel Solar."

"I received three quotes for a new solar water heating system. One was via email, because the guy wouldn't even come out to the house, the second estimate was the most expensive...and I wasn't impressed with the sales rep, and third was Excel Solar. Russ was very good at explaining the system and the job the crew would be doing. They were always on time, which is very important to me, and real quality workmanship. They did a great job and overall it was a positive experience."

"I am a first time pool owner and solar owner. I am so glad we chose Excel Solar...they are excellent! My pool got up to 90 degrees right away, just where we like it. I would recommend Excel Solar in a heartbeat."

"Over the past ten years, I have done many things to improve and maintain my home, but I can honestly say that the best thing I have done is to purchase a solar water heating system from Excel Solar. Now I am saving money, saving energy and helping the environment. The folks at Excel Solar are professional, informative and helpful. I recommend them with confidence."

"I had three solar companies out to give me a price for a solar water heater and a solar pool heater. Russ of Excel Solar presented the company and their product very well. Upon installation, everything was done exactly as it was explained it would be. Everyone on the crew knew what was expected of them and got right to work. I would absolutely recommend Excel Solar without hesitation, in fact, I told another neighbor all about them just a few days ago. When the Vero Beach inspector came to see the work, the only comment he made was, man, these people do good work."

"A realistic approach to solar heating. Russ was honest about the expected savings, he gave us the best price the first time and lived up to every promise. The installation is such high quality. They really paid attention to detail. Our monthly savings is higher than anticipated and we are so glad we chose Excel Solar. Don't make the mistake of going with anyone else...this company is the real deal."

"What a great service company. I highly recommend Excel Solar!"

"Everything was excellent! We made the right decision going with Excel Solar. We were swimming just days after the solar heater installation. A real quality job."

"The entire experience has been a delight. Excel Solar was the only company who gave us a fair price the first time without all the games and high pressure. They were thorough and professional."

"With not even a full month of solar hot water, my latest electric bill went down $63.00! I am very happy. Never thought 63 bucks and a possible ROI of only three years would make me smile so much. We have a lot more hot water than before and even with a few cloudy days we didn't need our electric back-up.Great results! Thanks.,Bruce R. Merritt Island, FL " "It was refreshing to sit down with the actual licensed contractor, who clearly displayed not only a knowledge of the product, but also the details of the product's installation. The straightforward sales meeting without the canned car sales type pitch was another significant difference that we appreciated. As of today, March 19th, our pool is 87 degrees and we are going swimming thanks to Excel Solar."

"Buying our solar water heating system from you has been a great experience. Your crew really went the extra mile. They were very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend anyone thinking about solar to check with Excel first."

"Our new solar water heater is working great! The workmen were wonderful. You guys were on time, every time. The building inspector loved your workmanship as well. We made the right decision going with Excel."

"Thanks for the speed in which you responded to my emergency. You were able to replace my leaky water heater the same day. Your technician, David, was great. Two other companies stood me up. I am so glad I called you guys."

"After having Excel Solar install a solar water heating system, we have experienced a big decrease in our electric bill. We have more hot water than we have ever had. A load of laundry, 4 showers, a load of dishes...and we still have hot water in the morning. We are very happy. Thanks!"

"I love my solar pool heater. I shopped around and found that Excel had the highest quality by far. The service was awesome. Solar is my only heat source and we can keep the pool at a steady 85 degrees. We are using our pool year round. Thanks for a great product!"

"I was a supervisor for installation crews of communication equipment, so I have a good eye for quality. The Excel Solar installation crew paid attention to detail and did a great job. The solar heater has kept my pool at 89 degrees...just where I like it. I also use the solar to heat my hot tub to a toasty 105 degrees. I highly recommend Excel Solar."

"Thank you for getting our pool heating system working properly. The system was installed improperly by another company and we couldn't get any satisfaction from them. Now the system is ideal. I can't say enough good things about Excel Solar."

"Now that's how service should be! No drama, fair price, punctual, thorough...If you have a solar heater, you need these guys. Believe me, I've tried other solar companies and there is no comparison."

"We just wanted to thank you for your fast quote, fair price, speedy installation and your superior customer service. We are thrilled with our solar pool heater. Our pool is in the high 80's. How great to be able to swim in our pool in March. We liked your service so much we had you install a solar water heater. One of the perks of living in Florida is all the sunshine. Now that same sunshine will help us save money on our electric bill."

"Doing business with Excel Solar has been wonderful. This is a company you can trust. I recommend them to all my friends, family and clients. Thank you Russ, for your honesty."

"Extremely happy with our installation. A super company to deal with. Our pool is so warm...can't wait to get back in tomorrow. Great job!"

"Excel Solar is the company every other company thinks or wishes they were. It was a treat to actually encounter a contractor who shows up at the appointed time, does the installation professionally and follows up on any service issues as promised. We cannot overstate how pleased we are with our solar hot water system. We will recommend Excel Solar to our family, friends and co-workers, without reservations."

"Our solar water heater was installed several years ago by a different solar company. When it needed service, we couldn't get that company to even come out. I called Excel Solar, and they came right out...as promised, and fixed the problem for a very fair price. Excel Solar lives up to their promises. I'm happy to recommend them!"

"I was very pleased with Excel Solar and the whole process of getting my solar heat on the pool. The professionalism was beyond excellent and they kept me informed throughout the entire process. Thank you! The pool is the perfect temperature now! We love it! I would definitely recommend them in a heartbeat!"

"Excel Solar was professional, fast and everything you could hope for. From my free estimate to the complete product installation, they couldn't have done anything better! Once installed, the system is completely automated and requires no work. The best part is enjoying way more pool time than our neighbors without solar heaters. Thanks, Russ and everyone at Excel!"

"Thank you for the prompt service. I had a lot of difficulty getting our previous solar company to show up when service was needed. Even after setting several appointments, they would not show up. I called Excel Solar and they were there the next day as promised and repaired the problem. Thanks!"

"Thanks for the great work! You are truly a professional company. I had so many problems with another solar company, it was a pleasure to do business with you. I wish I would have bought the water heater from you in the first place. And the coupon was a nice touch. Thanks again."

"I had Excel Solar install our solar pool heater several months ago. I can heat the pool and hot tub with the solar so I got rid of my gas heater. I couldn't have asked for a better system or solar company. Thank you!"

"My solar water heater is working great! We are seeing huge savings on our electric bill...even more than I thought. This system will pay for itself within 3 years. I have turned my back up electric element off because the solar is working so well. I would be happy to be a reference and explain the true benefits of solar to your potential customers. Thanks again for a great installation!"

"The pool heater you installed is wonderful. We are enjoying our pool whenever we want. Thanks for the quality installation."

The installation crew was awesome! They took the time to do the job right and explained all the details.

He is full of knowledge

The building inspector loved your workmanship as well.