Florida Renewable Energy Statute 163.04

I have heard it a thousand times: “Our HOA won’t allow us to have solar.” It is true that HOAs would love to dictate your rooftop solar; however, Florida has a renewable energy statute that will probably allow you to have your solar panels in the most efficient placement (positioning) on your roof, in spite of your HOA rules. This does not mean you can stick your finger in the eye of the HOA, but it does mean you have a legal right to produce renewable energy.

You must still submit requests and drawings to your review board but that is where the law will dictate your HOA’s limits. The statute is written to protect your rights to produce renewable solar energy in the form of photovoltaic, pool heating, water heating, and even a clothesline (solar clothes dryer). Excel Solar is always happy to help with the process. Give us as call at (321)-626-6630!

Please review Florida Statute Section 163.04 to learn more.

C. Russell Moutsatsos

President of Excel Solar, Inc.

State Certified Solar Contractor (License #CVC56933)

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