Lessons Learned… or Not

These past few months have taught us all, once again, that lower prices and fancy talking salesmen are not reasons to purchase solar. As many have probably seen on the central Florida news, a prominent solar company located in Brevard County, went out of business. This caused hundreds of customers to lose their deposits—which were TOO HIGH—and with partial installations. Many rules are broken when people shop based on price alone. This Excel Solar competitor was selling solar panels for approximately what we could purchase them for wholesale. Of course, this competitor was selling the cheapest, Chinese panels, and equipment available. Conversely, Excel Solar uses only top-quality, American-made products. Therefore, we at Excel Solar could easily predict this “quick exit” our competitor recently took with their customers’ money. Personally, I have always screamed it from the rooftops: Do not shop only based on price! But no one would listen. Why? Probably because Excel Solar’s price has always been almost 30% higher than our competitors. Well, guess what? There was a good reason… there usually is. 

There is another company in Brevard County doing the same thing as the competitor I discuss above. In fact, this company does not even possess a state-certified solar contractor’s license. The company is paying a general contractor and using his license to install solar systems. If an individual or business is selling solar and wants to be an expert in the field, they should at least take the time to acquire a state-certified solar contractor’s license. Yes, a general contractor’s license allows a company to “legally” pull permits to install solar. But here we go again. PLEASE do your homework: Who is the contractor? What kind of license does he or she hold? Is he or she even part of the company? What is the reputation of the company? How long has the company been around? What products is the company selling and using? It is only after these questions are answered that you should begin comparing prices. 

I have been doing solar in Brevard County for over 37 years. I have seen many so-called “solar companies” come and go in that time. Every customer that chose Excel Solar, over one of these “cheaper,” fly-by-night companies, has made the right choice. We always have and will always sell the best products at a fair price. This guarantees we will be here for another 37 years to service our systems and stand behind our warranties. It is no accident that so many solar companies have come and gone, while Excel Solar, Inc. is still here.

C. Russell Moutsatsos

President of Excel Solar, Inc.

State Certified Solar Contractor (License #CVC56933)

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